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Discover exquisite pineberries at our online store – plump, juicy, and bursting with flavor. Elevate your culinary experience with our premium, handpicked pineberries.

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Our smallest, but certainly not the youngest! The Pineberry, or Fragaria x Ananassa as it’s officially called, is actually one of the oldest strawberry varieties in the world. With its white colour, red seeds, and its delicately fresh-sweet (slightly pineapple-like) flavour, the Pineberry stands out in the realm of strawberries.

However, it was a close call for the Pineberry, as it nearly went extinct before we had the chance to enjoy it. Fortunately, Dutch strawberry breeder Hans de Jongh intervened. The result: after much patient research, cultivation, and harvesting, we have it back! Keep in mind, Pineberries are only available from April to June and in the fall from September to December.

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